AGICOA Europe Brussels

Secondary rights are often discrete,
requiring true vision to notice them

As an independent producer of audiovisual works, it is recommended that you join a Collective management organization that represents you. Indeed, under Belgian law, the licenses of use of your works with operators in Belgium can be negotiated only by such organization.

AGICOA Europe Brussels is a collective management company that negotiates such licences in Belgium and oversees all legal matters. Furthermore it tracks the use of your works and collects on your behalf payment of royalties resulting from such use not only in Belgium but also abroad through the AGICOA Alliance and other partner organizations. AGICOA Europe Brussels works for rightsholders in an efficient, professional, and transparent manner.

AGICOA Europe Brussels

Trusted by the largest community
of producers worldwide

By registering with AGICOA Europe Brussels, Belgian producers of audiovisual works join a global community of about 20,000 worldwide rightsholders who benefit from AGICOA’s 40 years of experience innegotiating rights, obtaining licenses, collecting and distributing royalties. The AGICOA Europe Brussels’ team assists producers in every aspect of the royalties’ collection and distribution process, in Belgium and abroad.