Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Operators

How to get a license? What kind of use does a license cover?

An operator such as a cable, satellite, mobile or other comparable distribution platform must sign a license agreement with AGICOA Europe Brussels. A license covers the simultaneous, full, unchanged and continuous retransmission by cable, satellite or by any similar means (such as mobile retransmission or retransmission over an internet access carried out in a managed environment), of audiovisual works contained in television programs aimed at the public. It also covers the intervention by satellite package providers, cable distribution platforms or other comparable distribution platforms in the transmission of the signals received by direct injection . AGICOA Europe Brussels may also license the use of audiovisual works contained in television programs transmitted as part of on-demand audiovisual media services, such Catch-up TV, TV Start from the beginning, Pause and Resume, Preview TV, Network personal video recorder.

In which countries does AGICOA Europe Brussels operate?

AGICOA Europe Brussels operates directly in Belgium. Abroad, it operates through the AGICOA Alliance or other AGICOA partner organizations.

How is the license price set?

AGICOA Europe Brussels informs the operator of the applicable tariff. The tariff is calculated on the basis of different criteria including inter alia, the number of TV channels distributed by the operator, the nature of the TV channels, the type of packages offered by the operator, the number of its subscribers, the pricing model of the operator, the language of broadcasting, the economic value of the use of the rights at stake, the services provided by AGICOA Europe Brussels, and other criteria that ensure fairness and equal treatment.
See the AGICOA Europe Brussels’ standard tariffs filed with the Control Authority.