The General Mandate is mandatory. It means that the rightsholder exclusively authorizes AGICOA Europe Brussels to grant or refuse licenses and to collect royalties for the following exploitation of the audiovisual works that fall under AGICOA Europe Brussels’repertoire, included in television programs intended for the reception by the public:
– Simultaneous, full, unchanged, and continuous retransmission by cable, satellite or by any similar means (such as mobile retransmission or retransmission over an internet access carried out in a managed environment),
– Transmission of the signals that the operator has obtained from a broadcasting organization by direct injection, whether this transmission is made by cable, satellite or by any other similar means,
– Communication to the public by hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other institutions.

The Voluntary Mandates are the mandates you may grant to AGICOA Europe Brussels on a discretionary basis to license and collect royalties for time-shifted viewing services such as Catch-up TV, TV Start from the beginning, Pause and Resume, Preview TV, Network personal video recorder.

The Voluntary Mandates may also include communication in public areas (e.g. bars and cafés) of the audiovisual works included in television programs.
There is no limitation as to the number of Voluntary Mandates that you might wish to grant to AGICOA Europe Brussels.