Tracking the broadcasts of the producers’ audiovisual works is one of AGICOA’s core activities to ensure that the producers are promptly paid the royalties due to them.

On an annual basis, in accordance with AGICOA Distribution Rules, AGICOA selects the TV channels to be included in the remuneration process. The selection of channels is approved by the Board. In 2020, 195 TV channels were chosen. Of course, the TV channels must be included under the relevant license agreement between the operators and AGICOA, a partner organization or another Collective Management Organization ; The list of TV channels included in our remuneration process is available on our the Declarant Portal IRRIS Web.

The AGICOA Alliance acquires data of the broadcasts of audiovisual works contained in the programs of the selected TV channels and countries from different providers.  AGICOA then enriches these data: the broadcast data from the different providers are compared to verify they are consistent, and they are then merged. AGICOA does not merely acquire the broadcast data, it also performs thorough quality checks.. AGICOA bases its analysis on Internet research and analysis of the Electronic Press Guide (EPG). It also uses the knowledge of the partners of the AGICOA Alliance. . Thanks to these quality checks, the broadcast information is further enriched. Only broadcasts of audiovisual works that qualify as belonging to the AGICOA repertoire are tracked.

Once the broadcast data are ready, the identification process can start in order to match the broadcasts with the audiovisual works declared by rightsholders. In order to enable a smooth identification process, AGICOA encourages the rightsholders to provide as much information as possible when declaring a work. The minimal requirements are:

– Original title
– Language of original title
– Type (feature film, tele feature, short film, series)
– Kind (fiction, nonfiction, animation)
– Production year
– Duration (in minutes)
– Director
– Production company name
– Country of production
– Original language
– Rights

Once a broadcast has been identified to an audiovisual a work, the amount due for this broadcast is automatically allocated to the rightsholders in question. In the event of conflicting claims, the amounts are frozen until the conflict is resolved.

On the statements sent to rightsholders, AGICOA provides all broadcast information gathered by the AGICOA Alliance as well as the value due to the rightsholder for each broadcast of its audiovisual works.

The rightsholders receive the following details for each paid broadcast:

– Channel
– Date
– Time
– Duration
– Broadcast language
– Broadcast title
– Paid amount per broadcast

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If they have not yet done so, producers have up to three years after the end of the broadcasting year to register their works in order to be entitled to remuneration. Therefore, it is important for the producers to declare their works immediately.

Make sure to declare your catalog of audiovisual works with AGICOA as soon as possible!