We allocate

Royalties collected for a given country and broadcasting year are allocated to broadcasts:

  • on a maximum of TV channels taking into consideration their representativeness and distribution costs;

  • which belong to the AGICOA repertoire. As a general rule, AGICOA's repertoire covers all audiovisual works considered as being produced by an independent producer. Are usually excluded audiovisual works produced by the retransmitted broadcaster, news programs, live retransmission of sports and other events, infomercials and commercials;
  • with a duration of at least one minute.

Matching of broadcasts

Having allocated royalties to broadcasts on the basis of duration and audience, AGICOA then identifies the rightsholder(s) for each of those broadcasts, based on their declared rights on audiovisual work.


In a next step, declarants' royalties are paid out by country of distribution.

As yearly defined by AGICOA's Administrative Board, the AGICOA Alliance service fee of below 10% is deducted from the amount put into distribution.